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All plans include

Guaranteed resources

Unlimited network traffic

IPv4 address

KVM virtualization

Linux OS

RAID storage

Ukrainian data center. VPS Hosting.

VPS (Virtual Private Server), VDS (virtual dedicated server) - a service available to a virtual dedicated server. A virtual server for the user is a complete analogue of physical dedicated server, but it has several advantages.

Ukrainian data center offers a virtual dedicated servers are hosted in the cloud. Using them, you can take advantage of the VPS:

A virtual server can be easily scaled.

If your project does not have enough computing power of a virtual server, the more power you can make a few minut.Pri is no need to transfer software and data, as in the case of migration to another physical server. If necessary, the virtual server can get almost all the computing power of the physical server.


VPS are placed in a cluster infrastructure that supports high-availability. Even in the event of a host (physical server that hosts the virtual server), virtual server is automatically started on another available host in the cluster.


You can quickly and easily create full copies of your VPS (snapshots - pictures of the system), which in this case will be platform-independent and can be deployed on other hosts.

Price VPS.

Rent virtual servers is cheaper than rent physical servers.

Also VPS hosting service is often compared to the service host. The main difference lies in the fact that you get a full server with root access, you can customize on your own, and a separate ip-address. You can install on any server software you want (adhering to license agreements). VPS is much wider than a typical hosting service as it can be used to create a terminal server for small and medium-sized businesses (for example, to create a virtual Windows server with installed 1C and providing user access to Remote Desktop stolou), the deployment of VDI and any other purposes, such as a physical server.

If you need to check the possibility of virtual servers, we offer you a free test period VPS hosting for one week.

Supported operating systems:

VPS Windows (2008, 2012)

VPS Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Suse, RedHat, Debian and others)



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VPS Ubuntu 16.04


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VPS CentOS 7


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Скорость предоставления тестового сервера просто поразила. Уже сейчас есть огромное желание с вами работать. Цены приятно удивили.


Guys Your servers is great, i love your hosting VPS! I try CentOS 6.3 x64 - web-ready is GREAT!!


Все на высоте! Все отлично работает, тех.поддержка тоже.


Спасибо. Все было отлично.


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